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Festive Campaign

The Department of Health, together with partners in the public health sector, is delighted to be working with the renowned Noko Mashaba and his Uncle Dons to encourage COVID prevention this festive season.

Sadly, Noko infects Uncle Dons when he goes to a party and brings COVID home. Uncle Dons is very sick, and Noko is very sorry. The lesson Noko learns is that COVID never rests, and we must work together to beat it and keep each other safe.

Noko becomes a tireless fighter against COVID Creatures wherever he finds them, defending friends, family and strangers from the risk of infection.

Noko is telling his story in these videos so that you, too can stay safe. Please download them and share with the people in your life, so that they don’t bring COVID into their homes and infect the ones they love. The more we share the more we care.

Noko also made some posters and social media posts that you can share with friends and loved ones

Remember: Izandla Ziyagezana. Stay Safe

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