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Cancer - Prostate

Cancer - Prostate


Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells in the body grows out of control. Prostate cancers are cancer cells from the prostate. The prostate is part of the male reproductive system, which includes the penis, prostate and testicles. It is located just below the bladder and in front of the rectum.


Scientists are still trying to determine the cause of prostate cancer.

Signs & Symptoms

Different people have different symptoms for prostate cancer. Some men do not have any symptoms at all. Some symptoms of prostate cancer are:

  • difficulty starting urination
  • weak or interrupted flow of urine
  • frequent urination, especially at night
  • difficulty in emptying the bladder completely
  • pain or burning during urination
  • blood in the urine or semen
  • pain in the back, hips or pelvis
  • painful ejaculation.


There is no known way of preventing prostate cancer.


Different types of treatment are available for prostate cancer. You and your healthcare practitioner will decide which treatment is right for you. Treatment may include active surveillance, surgery, radiation therapy and hormone therapy.

MomConnect and NurseConnect Statistics

MomConnect figures 03/09/2017
1 Cumulative total of public subscriptions using the code: *134*550# 364 860
2 Cumulative total of CHW identified subscriptions using the code *134*550*3# 36 121
3 Cumulative total of clinic registrations using the code: *134*550*2# 1 530 990
4 Cumulative total of facilities with at least one registration 4 648
5 Total number of unique cellphone numbers 1 770 988
6 Total number of opt outs received 144 660

NurseConnect figures 03/09/2017
1 Total Registrations 19 254
1.1 National 9
1.2 Province 1,090
1.3 Facility 18 155
2 Facilities with at least one registration 2 935
3 Total Number of Opt-outs 411