Pregnancy Awareness Week 2017

Pregnancy Awareness Week is commemorated to promote and educate women and the public about pregnancy and enhance healthy pregnancies as well as healthy babies.


Attend antenatal classes

to prepare pregnant women for labour, birth and early parenthood) and to start attending classes at your nearest clinic after confirmation that they are pregnant, this should be done on the first trimester.

Pregnant women will also get advises and information on Momconnect- a programme aimed at assisting pregnant women to get answers on their babies and pregnancy - related questions and advice even after delivery of the baby.

Get tested

visit your nearest health facility to be tested for diseases such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, hypertension or anaemia, german measles and syphilis.e

Eat healthy food

regularly eat healthy food that including fruits, vegetables, protein,whole-grains and lots of water. Other food supplements such as folic acid, preferably from before conception and then throughout the pregnancy are also beneficial to the baby to prevent baby defects.


exercise and engage in physical activities such as walking, water aerobics and gentle forms of yoga. are often most enjoyable for pregnant women.

Avoid taking in unhealthy and harmful substances

substances such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs as they damage the unborn baby and may can result in premature, disabled and underweight babies.


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