ICD-10 Master Industry Table

ICD-10 Master Industry Table

ICD-10 MIT 2021 Excel - 16 March 2021DOWNLOAD
Notice: Additional Emergency ICD10 Codes COVID-19DOWNLOAD
ICD-10 MIT 2014 - MS ExcelDOWNLOAD
ICD-10 MIT 2014 - Comma Separated Values (CSV)DOWNLOAD
ICD-10 Master Industry Table Excel File Lay-outDOWNLOAD
ICD-10_MIT_2014 Changes Add Delete Modify 1 Jan 2014DOWNLOAD
Health Research Briefs: No.9 - 01 July - 30 September 2017DOWNLOAD
Circular No.03 of 2014 Generic Dictionary - The ICD-10 DictionaryDOWNLOAD
Circular No.06 of 2014 Validation of Secondary ICD-10 CodesDOWNLOAD
ICD-10 Compliance Data GridDOWNLOAD
Circular No.04 of 2014 Errata: Code Z09.0DOWNLOAD
Circular No.05 of 2014 Inclusion of ICD-10 Codes on PrescriptionDOWNLOAD
Changes to the SA ICD-10 Morbidity Coding Standard Version 6 June 2014DOWNLOAD
Summary of changes made to the South African ICD-10 Morbidity Coding Standards and Guidelines documentDOWNLOAD
Alphabetical Index Changes August 2013 finalDOWNLOAD
Tabular List Changes May 2014DOWNLOAD
User Guide for the National ICD-10 Master Industry Table for South AfricaDOWNLOAD
South African ICD-10 Technical User Guide compiled by the Ministerial ICD-10 Task TeamDOWNLOAD
New Codes with notes: WHO updates to ICD-10 2013DOWNLOAD
The South African ICD-10 Morbidity Coding Standards and GuidelinesDOWNLOAD
Summary of the National ICD-10 Implementation Status Report for South AfricaDOWNLOAD
Errata ICD-10 Master Industry Table (MIT) of 01 January 2014DOWNLOAD
ICD-10 Circular 2 of 2014 Submission of Aggregated ICD-10 Compliance Data 2014DOWNLOAD
Notification on implementation of ICD-10 PhaseDOWNLOAD
ICD-10 Notice to Healthcare StakeholdersDOWNLOAD
ICD-10 DefinitionsDOWNLOAD
ICD-10 Final User Technical Guide (PDF)DOWNLOAD
ICD-10 Circular: No 1 of 2012 - ICD-10 Coding RequirementsDOWNLOAD

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