Deputy Director. Medical Biological SciencesDOWNLOAD
Deputy Director. Hospital ManagementDOWNLOAD
Deputy Director. Environmental HealthDOWNLOAD
Deputy Director. Administration. CCODDOWNLOAD
Assistant Director.Nutrition.2 PostsDOWNLOAD
Assistant Director. Administration. MBODDOWNLOAD
Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Central Hospital advert.DOWNLOAD
South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) Nomination FormDOWNLOAD
Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) Nomination Form DOWNLOAD
Nomination Form: National Health Research Ethics Council
Advert for Appointment of NHREC (National Health Research Ethics Council)
Deputy Director. District Health System SupportDOWNLOAD
Advert for Appointment of NHRC(National Health Research Committee) DOWNLOAD
NHRC(National Health Research Committee) Nomination Form-2023DOWNLOAD
Medical Specialist. ClinicalHealth. NHI 20 February 2023DOWNLOAD
Medical Specialist. PHC and OP Contracts 20 February 2023DOWNLOAD
Medical Specialist. Public Health. NHI 20 February 2023DOWNLOAD
Medical Specialist. PHC and Hosp Accreditation. Provider Accreditation 20 February 2023DOWNLOAD
Medical Specialist. Public Health. Patient Registration System 20 February 2023DOWNLOAD
Chief Director.HR for Health.Re-Advert 16 January 2023DOWNLOAD
Supply Chain Clerk PaymentsDOWNLOAD
Supply Chain Clerk ProductionDOWNLOAD
Supply Chain Clerk Supervisor - Orders DOWNLOAD
Assistant Director. ICT Projects 21 September 2022DOWNLOAD
Assistant Director. ICT System Development 21 September 2022DOWNLOAD
Deputy Director. Community TB Care 21 September 2022DOWNLOAD
Deputy Director. Child Youth and Family Mental Health 21 September 2022DOWNLOAD
Director. Child and Youth Health 21 September 2022DOWNLOAD
Director. Hospital Facilities Planning 21 September 2022DOWNLOAD
OHSC nomination form - 2022DOWNLOAD
Senior State Accountant: BookkeepingDOWNLOAD
Senior IT Technologist.2 PostsDOWNLOAD
Medical Biological Scientist.2 PostsDOWNLOAD
EMS District Manager Gr IIIDOWNLOAD
Director. Hospital ManagementDOWNLOAD
Director. HIV.AIDS. Care and SupportDOWNLOAD
Deputy Director. Medical Biological Science. Food ControlDOWNLOAD
Deputy Director. STI PreventionDOWNLOAD
Chief Director. Internal AuditDOWNLOAD
Assistant Director. Medical Biological ScienceDOWNLOAD
Deputy Director-General. HIV.AIDS 29 AugustDOWNLOAD
Chief Director. HR for Health 29 AugustDOWNLOAD
Chief Director. Legal Services. Re.Advert August 2022 RevisedDOWNLOAD
Chief Director. International Health and Development 29 August 2022DOWNLOAD
National Health Insurance Various Posts 29 AugustDOWNLOAD
Chief Director. HIV and AIDS 29 AugustDOWNLOAD
Pharmaceutical Policy SpecialistDOWNLOAD
PA to Director GeneralDOWNLOAD
Operational Manager Nursing Grade 1DOWNLOAD
Director Information Communication TechnologyDOWNLOAD
Legislative Drafter and ResearcherDOWNLOAD
Assistant Director - Medical Biological Science Policy (Grade 1)DOWNLOAD
Director. Epidemiology and SurveillanceDOWNLOAD
Chief Director ( Communicable Diseases )DOWNLOAD
Deputy Director. Provincial Budget AnalystDOWNLOAD
Pharmaceutical Policy Specialist (2 Posts)DOWNLOAD
Deputy Director. Monitoring and EvaluationDOWNLOAD
Appeal panel final approved by DG June 2022DOWNLOAD
Panel final app by DG June 2022DOWNLOAD
DDG Hospital reAdvert June 2022 (M) (2) (1)DOWNLOAD
Assistant Director - Financial Accounting 30 May 2022DOWNLOAD
Chief Director. Human Resources for Health May 2022DOWNLOAD
Chief Director. International Health and Development May 2022DOWNLOAD
Chief Financial Officer May 2022DOWNLOAD
Environmental Health Practitioner Grd 1 (2posts) - May 2022DOWNLOAD
Chief Director - Sector Wide Procurement (Re-Advert) April 2022DOWNLOAD
Internship Programme 2022-2024.2DOWNLOAD
Dep Director - Administration CCOD - March 2022DOWNLOAD
Deputy Director.Parliamentary ServicesDOWNLOAD
Deputy Director.Quality Improvement MentorsDOWNLOAD
EMS District Manager grIII 28 Feb 2022DOWNLOAD
DDG Hospital re Advert9.2.2022DOWNLOAD
Assistant Director. Environmental Health X2 postsDOWNLOAD
Technical Assistant. Primary Health Care.ContractDOWNLOAD
Director. Strategic PlanningDOWNLOAD
Deputy Director. Management AccountingDOWNLOAD
Chief Director. Legal Services. Re.AdvertDOWNLOAD
Deputy Director.Administration Coordinator (Contract)DOWNLOAD
Chief Director. International Health and DevelopmentDOWNLOAD
Chief Director - Sector Wide ProcurementDOWNLOAD
Deputy Director - Medical Biological Science MALARIADOWNLOAD
Deputy Director - Medical Biological Science 2DOWNLOAD
ICT Governance Risk and Compliance AnalystDOWNLOAD
Chief Director HR for HealthDOWNLOAD
Director Monitoring and EvaluationDOWNLOAD
DD Organisational DevelopmentDOWNLOAD
Pharmaceutical Policy SpecialistDOWNLOAD
Chief Financial OfficerDOWNLOAD
DDG Hospital Tertiary Health Services and HRDDOWNLOAD
Z83 Job Application FormDOWNLOAD
Admin Clerk Durban LaboratoriesDOWNLOAD
Application Form - Pricing Committee RecruitmentDOWNLOAD
Pricing Committee Recruitment - 2021 (Advertisement)DOWNLOAD

Important Contacts

    • 0800 012 322

Aids Helpline

    • 0800 567 567

Mental Health Information Line

    • 0800 333 0555

Children’s Cancer Helpline

    • 0800 20 14 144 14

National Health System Ethics Line