Immunization protects young children against potentially life-threatening illnesses such as tuberculosis,polio,hepatitis and measles. Parents and caregivers,protect your children by making sure that they have all there quired vaccinations at the right time.It is free in all public clinics.

Children who have turned 1 year must still be taken to the clinic at 18 months for the 2 injections,including the second dose of measles vaccine. Starting in 2014,each year girls who turn 9 years of age also receive immunization against cervical cancer as part of the school health programme. As parents and caregivers,let us protect our children,our future by ensuring that the are fully immunized. Immunization is the gift for life.For more information ask your local clinic nurse.

Immunization Documents

National EPI Coverage Survey_Final full report Dec 2020DOWNLOAD
4th CoMMiC Triennial Report - 20.12.07DOWNLOAD
Expanded Programme On Immunisation – EPI (SA) Revised - Childhood Immunisation Schedule - from December 2015DOWNLOAD

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Important Contacts

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