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Dablapmeds is a shortcut to getting your chronic medication. It allows for patients with chronic conditions who are stable on their medication to collect their medication nearer to their home or work without having to wait in a long queue.
Dablapmeds provides you with a choice to collect your medication at a pick-up point closer to your work or home. This will ensure that you don't have to wait in long queues. You will receive 2 - 3 months' medication at a time and will only visit the clinic twice a year.

You have to visit the clinic if you feel unwell. Dablapmeds is a free and convenient service which allows you to collect your chronic medication quicker and easier.

Ask your nurse or doctor to register you for Dablapmeds.
If you are:
- Stable on your medication
- Have a valid ID, passport number or asylum seeker number, and choose to be on the programme.

Your clinician will have the complete list of all the conditions, but some include:
- Diabetes
- Hypertension
- Asthma, and many more.

You might still qualify, please ask your nurse or clinician to check for you.

Your medication collection dates are given to you on a collection card. Keep this card safe. You will also receive an SMS to remind you when to collect.

Yes. You can change your pick up point when you have your next clinical visit, or, you can call the toll free number at the bottom of this page to ask for a change in pick up point. They will advise you on the next steps.

Always ensure you adhere to the collection date given to you. If you cannot collect your medication, ensure one of your nominated proxies collects on your behalf. Pick-up points have more convenient operating hours which makes it easier to adhere to your collection date. Your medicine will be kept at the pick-up point for 7 days. If you have not collected your parcel within this time, you will be deregistered from the programme.

Contact the help desk as indicated on your collection card or visit your clinic.

Yes, you can nominate two people to collect on your behalf. The person collecting on your behalf must take your medicine collection card as well as your ID and their own ID when collecting.

Yes you can. Ensure you provide your Passport number or Asylum seeker number along with your correct date of birth.

Your ID, passport or asylum seeker number and collection card.

Contact the help desk on the toll-free number as per your collection card.

Inform the help desk by calling the toll-free number as per your collection card or change your proxy when you go for your next clinic visit.

It is packaged in a box or bag. Nobody will know what medication is in your bag/box, it is sealed.

Visit the clinic to get a new one. Call the help desk on the toll-free number to check when your next collection date is.

Yes, medicine delivery is an essential service and it will remain uninterrupted.
You will continue to receive SMSes notifying you of your medicine delivery, and pick-up points will remain open. If, for some reason, your pick-up point has closed, you will be notified via SMS of an alternative pick-up point.
It is important that you continue to collect your chronic medicine on your scheduled collection date.